You Want Some Polenta with Your Polenta? We’ve Got Good News for You

Di Beppe celebrates Polenta Fest with—you guessed it—polenta aplenty. 

April 9, 2019

By Stacey McLachlan

It is almost impossible to describe polenta in an appealing way: “corn goop” may be technically accurate, but the words don’t truly capture the textural, comfort-food magic of Italian grits done right. And oh, Di Beppe does it right, and on repeat, with their new one-night-only Polenta Festival menu.

The humble Venetian staple will be served up a multitude of ways for the multi-course, family-style feast (aperitifs and wine included) happening Sunday, April 28: baked into bite-sized cakes and topped with tender baccalà, transformed into dessert, or drizzled out onto six-foot wooden planks to firm up and then doled out in slices alongside veal and rapini.

It’s a night out that likely won’t get us any closer to finding an elegant way to describe polenta…but it’s a pretty delicious way to try.

Two seatings—5:00 and 8:00
Sunday, April 28, 2019
Di Beppe, 8 W Cordova
Tickets $79, available at

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