How Vancouver’s CaliBurger Stands Up to Its In-N-Out Counterpart

Does it pass the test? Not quite...

October 17, 2016

/ Photo: Clinton Hussey

There’s cheap eats, then there’s In-N-Out Burger, the legendary SoCal chain that’s impossible for Canadians to visit and not Instagram their meal. The main problem: their dawdling expansion plans leave not only us, but everyone east of the Rockies, on the outside looking in.

Enter CaliBurger, a born-in-China chain that aims to satisfy people’s In-N-Out craving. . .by shamelessly copying them (there have been lawsuits). We stopped by the new CaliBurger near Thurlow and Robson to see how they did.

Food-wise: Not bad at all—the CaliDouble has the same retro goodness as In-N-Out’s Double Double: very melty American cheese, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato. Plus, it’s even a little bigger. The fries, likewise, are a very close approximation and the milkshakes are better.

Value-wise: There had to be a catch. Burger, fries and a shake? $6.60 ($8.82 Canadian) at In-N-Out. At CaliBurger? $14.48. Not that close, fellas, although you can buy a Stumptown coffee, a glass of craft beer or get a shot of bourbon in your shake at CaliBurger.

830 Thurlow St., Vancouver

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