VIDEO: Watch Vancouver Restaurant Pros Complete a Hot Sauce-Infused Interview

Our executive editor sits down with some of the industry's finest while suffering through some of the hottest sauce our video team could find. It's about to get spicy. 

May 3, 2019

By Vancouver Magazine

Every year for the Restaurant Awards, we like to showcase our city’s hard-working restaurant professionals in a new light with a video spotlight during the big event. For our 2019 vids, we convinced Andrea Carlson (Burdock and Co.), Matthew Morgenstern (Di Beppe), Doug Stephen (DownLow Chicken Shack), Van Doren Chan (Ugly Dumpling), Jason Yamasaki (Joey) and Rachel Zottenberg (Key Party, Rumpus Room, et al) to suffer through a gauntlet of hot sauces while executive editor Stacey McLachlan interviewed them. Are they the best sports in the biz? Quite possibly. Did we ruin Di Beppe’s beautiful pizza by slathering on increasingly intolerable offerings from “The Pepper Palace”? Absolutely.

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