A Vancouverite’s Guide to Toronto

Associate Editor Julia Dilworth shares where to eat, play and eat some more on your next Toronto trip.

October 19, 2017

By Julia Dilworth

I’m not an Ontario expat. I’ve never worked there or lived nearby. So when people have told me Toronto is a cultureless concrete jungle filled with investment bankers and ugly skyscrapers (and, gasp, no trees!) I believed the rumours, happy to spend my $700 on a ticket to Mexico instead of a round trip to “the Six,” as Drake has now decided it’s called. But, guys, I was dead wrong.

There are heritage buildings for days, people of all ages filling the sidewalks, communal party squares and patios (despite Vancouver supposedly winning the weather game, Toronto is, inexplicably, lousy with patios, which stay buzzing year-round), and some of the best boutique shopping and farm-to-fork dining this side of…well, Canada. Sorry, Vancouver—youve got some competition.

The Food-tinerary

Your Tourist Musts

Shops to Hit on Queen Street West


Getting Around

TTC Fare is $3.25 for buses, streetcars and the subway.

UP Express Downtown to Pearson Airport takes 25 minutes and it costs $12 one way.

Unmarked black airport taxis A $60 flat rate gets you from the airport to downtown (do yourself a favour and find the UP Express).

Uber Yes, our eastern cousins have Uber!

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