Secret’s Out: That IS a Speakeasy Next to Rumpus Room

Key Party is a 40-seat lounge disguised as an accountant's office.

February 21, 2019

By Stacey McLachlan

Last night I was walking up Main Street with a friend and we passed by a suspiciously dated accounting office. Neither of us remembered it being there before, though everything about it—the faded kitten poster, the rotary phone, the other kitten poster—made it seem like someone had been happily crunching numbers there since 1992.

We turned to each other, and at same the time, said, “Maybe it’s a speakeasy?” and then spent 15 minutes reminiscing about our own favourite speakeasy experiences: the cocktail bar hiding in a phone booth at Crif Dog in New York, a bar a friend took me to in Montreal that was located behind a mirror in a men’s suit shop. “We’re just speakeasy kind of people!” we decided (not in unison this time, but for the purposes of this story, let’s pretend). “When will our city step up to the plate and provide us with somewhere weird and secret to go drink expensive cocktails?!”

And then, this afternoon, my suspicions were confirmed and my dreams came true with the arrival of a press release in my inbox. Zottenberg and Sons Accounting, it turns out, is not a functioning business run by a family with questionable taste in wall art, but a 40-seat lounge called Key Party.

It’s not surprising to learn Key Party is run by the same team behind neighbour Rumpus Room, The Emerald, Narrow Lounge and Uncle Abe’s—the bar embraces that same swinging ’70s vibe with dark wood, dirty murals and retro cocktails (and, importantly, party mix at every table).

So anyone who had their eye on Zottenberg for help come tax season may want to reconsider…or maybe sipping a Coconut Cream Grasshopper and sharing some chili-cheese dip in the cozy back room will give you enough courage to tackle that paperwork yourself?

Key Party

2303 Main St.

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m.; Friday and Saturday, from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.

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