Reason to Love Vancouver #24: We’ll Climb Mountains, Even in the Dark

Lace up your hiking boots and strap on the ol' headlamp—it's time to hike.

December 28, 2017

By Christine Beyleveldt

If you want the Instagrammable experience, gather with the thrill-seeking group of hike organizers called Chasing Sunrise early Sunday morning, armed with a flashlight and hashtag, and I’m sure they’ll be glad for the company. But you don’t need an officially sanctioned event to enjoy the mystery and magic of moonlit hiking: just get up and go. That’s what I did one night in Paradise Valley when some friends and I got the idea to hike to the Weather Bluffs just after midnight. Laden with headlamps, walkie-talkies, bells, blankets and a boom box to scare away any cougars (I was also sure to stick to the middle our motley cohort), we scaled the ill-lit rocky traverse and 40 minutes later reached our destination. There, we sat in contemplative silence, listening to the hooting owls and roar of the Cheakamus River below. Then the spellbinding moment was cut short by a voice over the radio, telling us to come down or risk becoming cougar fodder.

So, on second thought: maybe a higher-profile adventure is a safer bet.

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