May 1, 2011

Of all the city's suburbs, the great swath of housing known as Richmond has historically done the most work at urbanizing its core. Central Richmond, which now has well over 40,000 residents, spiked by 17 percent between the last two censuses (compared to one percent growth for Surrey City Centre). But, along its southernmost shore, Richmond’s chain-store clumpings, tight housing, and cedar hedges give way to character-rich Steveston Village (a good half of which has heritage status). Hundreds of moored fishing trawlers clank along the Fraser River, the barbershop has a real pole, and used bookstores rub shoulders with surprisingly chic gift shops. In the past decade, blocks and blocks of tract housing have risen next door to the historical zone, and the booming developer Onni plans to build a large, mixed-use waterfront community (if Steveston will only give them the permit).—Pat Richardson


  2-5999 Andrews Rd. — $645,000

  The Home The 1,800-square-foot, three-bedroom townhouse is near the Fraser River waterfront. The couple have given the five-year-old home a face-lift with new tiles, countertops, and paint. The play park out back has them thinking “family.”

The Realtor Deborah Silverman of Macdonald Realty Westmar.

The Search  The Weinsteins first searched areas closer to downtown, covering up-and-coming strips like Main and Cambie. Then, after visiting friends in Richmond’s Steveston neighbourhood, they realized that, further afield, they could afford to live the larger lifestyle of their dreams.

The Neighbourhood Ian grew up near Steveston so he can appreciate recent growth at the fishing village. The onetime farming community is still quaint enough, though—a foot-friendly tourist attraction bolstered by new boutiques like Nikaido and Lofty Living.—Kendall Titchener




Rocanini Any “village” with a minimalist,  Euro-influenced café that pours siphon-brewed coffee  this good is more urbane than it’s letting on. Rocanini  set up shop here this winter and we’re pegging it as the vanguard  of Steveston cool. 3900 Moncton St., 604-284-5126.


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