Best Indian Restaurants 2011

May 2, 2011


1480 W. 11th Ave.

Centuries hence, archaeologists digging in South Granville will find remnants of an epoch known as the Vij Empire—peculiar indentations in the earth as if dozens of people stood in long lines night after night for years. Yet again Vikram Vij and Meeru Dhalwala take not only top spot with Vij’s—“What they accomplish here on a nightly basis is nothing short of a culinary miracle,” gushed one judge—but Silver too, with the more casual Rangoli next door. Perennial bridesmaid Ashiana Tandoori was the city’s first great Indian restaurant when it opened 30 years ago and still nails the classics at its Kingsway location. Honourable Mentions to Chutney Villa (“fabulous dosas and idli”) and “unpretentious, grounded” Atithi.








Finalists for Best Indian Restaurants 2011

1488 W. 11th Ave.
Ashiana Tandoori
1440 Kingsway
Chutney Villa
147 E. Broadway
2445 Burrard St.

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