Review: Holy Crab Brings the Classic Seafood Boil to Vancouver

...but the crustacean-forward menu gets lost in the mess.

April 25, 2017

The Holy Crab’s specialty is the classic dump-a-bucket-on-the-table-and-have-at-’er seafood boil, so making a mess is intended to be part of the fun. (This is made pretty clear when they bring out bibs for everybody to wear.) But a pungent, sloppy “spicy Cajun sauce” that covers 80 percent of the menu items takes the get-messy mantra too far…and, worse, overpowers the seafood (some imported, some Ocean Wise) itself. There are some bright spots on the crustacean-forward menu—it’s hard to go wrong with giant king crab legs, though they’re a splurge at market prices—and kids will love the serving style, but we likely won’t be scuttling back any time soon.

The Holy Crab

1588 Robson St.

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