This Porterhouse Steak is Big Enough to Feed Three People

Umberto Menghi is back... and he brought bistecca all fiorentina with him.

November 2, 2016

By Vancouver Magazine / Photo: Luis Valdizon

Of the many reasons to salute the return of Umberto Menghi’s Giardino, our favourite is that he brought bistecca all fiorentina back with him. The dish—a two-pound porterhouse, sliced off the bone and served atop arugula with Parmigiano shavings and a drizzle of olive oil—is Tuscany’s entry into the culinary pantheon. And while the price (an oddly precise $99.85) seems steep, remember that it feeds two to three, and if you were to buy the exact same from Cioffi’s (where Umberto gets his), it would set you back almost $50, so it’s actually sort of a deal.



1328 Hornby St.

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