For $75 You Could Have The Greatest Brunch Ever Served in Vancouver

Now, is that a deal you might be interested in?

November 20, 2018

By Neal McLennan / Photo: Bocuse d'Or

No one is happy about it, but the sad truth is that these days $75 is pretty much the entry point to going out for any sort of proper dinner. I’m not talking burgers or tacos (although both those are creeping up too), I’m talking about sitting down for more than one course with a server attending to you.

So what would you think if I said for that price you could have the food prepared by VanMag’s reigning Chef of the Year, Alex Chen. And by David Hawksworth. And Melissa Craig. And Angus An. And Ned Bell. And Makoto Ono. And, flipping Scott Jaeger and….ok this is getting tiring so I’m just going to go full list: Clement Chan, Erin Searle, James Walt, Eleanor Chow, James Olberg (also a team coach), David Wong……

Even in this day and age of superlatives, it’s probably the greatest brunch line up the city has ever seen. And the catch is….it’s for charity, namely to help fund the team, led by Chef Trevor Ritchie,  flying our colours at the upcoming Bocuse d’Or culinary championships. The menu will be relentlessly local and will be dotted with foie gras, caviar, salmon, chocolate and it will all take place inside the tony confines of the Vancouver Club.

This is no brainer territory for local food lovers. Tickets are here.

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