We Tried It: The Dyson Blow Dryer

Is a $500 hair dryer worth the splurge?

March 21, 2017

By Stacey McLachlan / Photo: Dyson

In my day-to-day life, I spend approximately five minutes a day blow-drying my hair. This explains a lot about why it looks the way it does, but at least I’ve got time to truly live (for example: working on my jigsaw puzzle and watching re-runs of The Office).

So I was pretty excited to take the Dyson Supersonic ($500) for a spin at Brush Salon the other day. The artfully crafted blow dryer (from the iconic British company that turned vacuums and fans into design objects) promised not only a more ergonomic design thanks to the motor in the handle, but a faster drying time.

Unfortunately I forgot that actual hair-care professionals like to “take their time” and “make hair look nice and not just less-damp.” So even though the Dyson’s airflow rate is 41 litres per second, the blowout still took half an hour. (Think of all the edge pieces I could’ve been working on!) That being said, even at six times my personal best speed, it was much faster than the usual pro-styling time and my hair did look very glossy and full-bodied in addition to being not damp at all. I suspect that if I got this sweet-looking dryer into my own grubby hands, I could take my personal dry time down to a clean three minutes. And the magnetic attachments, easy-clean filter (built into the handle so it doesn’t rip hair out of your head—that does happen to everyone, right?) and precise heat-and-speed settings that are digitally monitored to stay calibrated, mean that even when I’m rushing in the morning because of my Very Important Obligations, I’m kind of, sort of treating my hair in a way that wouldn’t make my hairdresser cry.

Want to try it for yourself? Enter to win a Dyson Supersonic, valued at $500!

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