Alexander Ludwig’s Star Style

The Hunger Games and Vikings star talks personal style with

July 21, 2015

By Amanda Ross / Photo: Chris Haylett

Alexander Ludwig may have the warrior role down, but Cato (The Hunger Games) and Bjorn Ironside (Vikings) aside, he’s more himself in blue jeans and a T. “I love adventure and I love Vancouver because it breeds adventurous people.” So if he’s going rock climbing, “I just dress for the occasion.” Which means you’re probably not going to find the West Vancouver native sporting a suit of armour: “I think what’s most important is that you feel comfortable in whatever you wear.”

Who and what influence your style? I’m not as much influenced by people as I am by places. Whenever I travel, my style changes.

Favourite shaving cream and razor?  I’ve forgotten how to shave since I’ve been on the set of Vikings.

What’s one of your most interesting souvenirs? A necklace blessed by the Dalai Lama.

Favourite brand and style of jeans? Levi’s Slim Straight.

Favourite movie of all time? Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Favourite place to lunch in Vancouver? White Spot. It brings back memories of my childhood. I like the classic cheeseburger with Triple O sauce.

Best style advice or tip? Dare to try new things.

What’s your favourite piece of clothing? I guess my boots—I wear them everywhere.

One item in your closet you couldn’t throw away? A bracelet my parents gave me.

Most beautiful piece of clothing in your closet? Anything I get for free is pretty beautiful to me.

Which designer piece would you buy this season? I really like the Bvlgari Octo watch.

Favourite colour? Blue.

Most recent splurge? A kayak.

Name three things that are always in your fridge. Skim milk, some type of meat, and beer.

Favourite bottle of wine to splurge on? A Bordeaux.

Three favourite actors? Anthony Hopkins, Meryl Streep, and Michael Caine.


Which unexpected items do you derive inspiration from? Anything can inspire in one way or another and it’s inspiring because it’s unexpected. Don’t know what will inspire me next, but my go-to items are photos and my guitar.

Best gift you’ve ever received? A guitar on my 16th birthday from Dwayne Johnson. Also when my parents said they would pay for my backpacking trip after I graduated from high school!

What is something you always bring as a hostess gift or to a party? Some type of liquor—probably tequila to mix it up.

List three things that you always pack when you travel. Music, a bathing suit, and running shoes.

Favourite vacation destination? Africa.

Which restaurant do you recommend to out-of-town guests? I would have said Dundarave Fish Market, but it has closed, so probably the Beach House in West Vancouver.

When you’re feeling indulgent, where do you go or what do you buy? Skydiving—and buying more loads so I can go all day long with my buddies.

What’s on your nightstand? Photos of my family and friends.

Favourite book? Unbroken was excellent.

I never, ever leave the house without my… phone, wallet, and keys.

Which gadget or article of clothing must every fashionable man own this season? RYU gear is awesome. [As an investor], I’m so pleased to be a part of it, as they’re a very cool new brand that has totally blown me away. I was buying RYU gear because I loved it so much before I was even involved, so I’m extremely excited to see what the future holds for the company.

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