3 Ways Tech is Influencing the Way You Decorate Your Home

Sherwin-Williams forecasted what they think will be hot in the colour world next year—and the results are eerily similar to our collective fascination with technology.

October 31, 2017

By Ames Bourdeau / Photo: Sherwin-Williams

While it’s pretty obvious how much tech has changed everything around us, we’re still surprised to find out the extent of its impact on our otherwise unaffected living space. Take, for example, the Sherwin-Williams 2018 colour palette: ranging from nudes and light pastels to hazy botanicals and big, bold greens and blues, it sheds light on our design needs in this digital savvy era. Whether those needs are for an endlessly stimulating space or for an unconditionally calming one, one thing’s for sure: social media and technology have a much bigger impact on your interior decor and colour then you may have previously thought.

1. Globalism

Palette: Tans, natural colours and rich reds

In our social media-crazed world it’s tough to get away from travel envy. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram have a tendency to make us hyper aware of international hot spots and their impressive design trends. Luckily, there’s no shortage of artisanal crafts and worldly patterns on the market right now—and we’re noticing those trends slowly making their way into our permanent household landscape. The Unity palette is no different: filled with globally inspired colours such as tan, honey, burgundy and sand, you might just feel like you’re taking that much-needed vacay you’ve been scrolling through all week.

2. Simplicity (or, Less is More)

Palette: Whites, browns and light pastels

While browsing through Facebook has many perks, we’re hesitant to say that calming is one of them (and we’re confident in saying that it’s nice to get away every so often!). The Sincerity palette is inspired by our serious need for a peaceful setting. With greys, whites, hazy botanicals and other light pastels, the palette’s hushed tones and graceful authenticity encourages decluttering, simplicity and a mindful setting in your home.

3. High-Tech

Palette: Blues, greens and bold, bright colours mixed with geometrical patterns

This high-tech style is inspired directly by techies, virtual reality and our constant need for stimulation. The Connectivity palette features digital greens, high-definition yellows and colours that would otherwise be seen on pixelated screens. Paired with edgy geometric shapes, the palette’s bold and bright colours are meant to inspire even brighter ideas. After all, what’s a digitally inclined colour palette without the feeling of an Instagram filter?

What do you think of the way tech is influencing interior design? Let us know in the comments below!


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