While Neapolitan style is all the rage, remember that we live in a democratic nation, and it is your right to choose from an array of flatbread-with-toppings options. You’re at Trilussa for pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice), the ubiquitous street food of Rome, and a formula that calls for a thick, bubble-riddled foundation upon which simple ingredient combosÑlike the Capri with potatoes, pesto, and pecorino or the Vancouver, served cold, with smoked salmon and saladÑare built the rectangular slab is then cut into regular (five inches) or large (seven inches) slices. You’d do well to start the day here, too, with a coffee and the Buongiorno panino (ordering it is almost as fun as eating it): eggs, ham, and provolone are insulated by a freshly baked housemade panino bun.