A decade ago, Mexican-born Sergio Salamonovitz was running the beautiful little Absolute Sugar Bakery in the basement of Harbour Centre when he hit up against a problem: leftover croissants. He couldn’t sell themÑnothing could be day-oldÑso he cut them up and rebaked them with banana and chocolate. The Chunky Monkey was born, and even when he and Shauna MacNeil opened their first Trafiq in West Van (since sold away) and the second in Riley Park, the Chunky Monkey was on their backs: everyone loves that golden goose so much, they now bake croissants expressly to dry out and recast with banana and cacao. It’s tasty, but so is everything else hand-made at this charming, laptop-friendly, communally tabled 32-seater: seasonal pastries and cakes terrific quiches healthy sandwiches croissants and pains au chocolat in their original shapes and reviving coffees from Delta fair-trade importers Los Beans.