There’s an exceptionally light hand oversseing the baking in this airy, modern-looking neighbourhood café. SconesÑserved with butter and/or jam, or in place of bread as a ÒsconewichÓÑare stellar. Go savoury with bacon, cheddar, and scallion, or stay sweet with the daily creation (we love the apple pie scone). Quiches (meat or veggie) are delectable, too. Even the weird-sounding breakfast ÒcupcakeÓ Ð a deep pastry shell filled with bacon or sausage, tomato/red pepper confit, cheese and a sunny-side eggÑis dangerously delicious. All of this in addition to a wide selection of cookies, cakes, pies, and more. Gluten-free options available, plus afternoon tea service (pre-book online).