The Donnelly Group’s ever-growing empire of nightclubs, bars, and dining rooms (or Òpublic houses,Ó to use the company’s preferred terminology) reaches a new level of sophistication with this mecca for after-work tie-loosening. Although very much Òcome as you are,Ó the attractive two-level establishment aspires to a comparatively refined experienceÑwith a menu (and, in some instances, prices) to match. A diverse but not unwieldy menu runs the gamut from appetizers such as foie gras and steak tartar, to mains including a house-ground burger, steak frites, and leg of lamb served atop carmelized-onion and mushroom Òsoil.Ó Nothing is transcendent, but neither is anything not solid if, like most of the clientele, you’ve come with friends and colleagues to unwind and avail yourself of the vast scotch and beer selections, you might even be pleasantly surprised.