Sal y Lim—n joins the United Nations collection of restaurants where Kingsway and Fraser converge. This casual eatery is a gallery of sorts, its vibrant green walls hung with works by Vancouver’s Mexican artists. Lunch and dinner hours often see the 20-or-so seats filled, but sizeable burritos and tortas are ideal grab-and-go. Garnish your quesadillas and tacos with an array of housemade salsas that span the capsicum spectrum recommended fillings include al pastor (marinated pork with pineapple) and pollo pibil (slow-roasted chicken breast). And sopes, also known as huaraches, are crisp-fried masa rounds piled high with your toppings of choiceÑtry the cordero al cilantro (marinated lamb) or the pierna (slow-roasted pulled pork).