This izakaya shares a similar quirkiness with older sibling Kingyo. Adventurous eaters will be charmed by cartoon signage touting braised trotters as the ultimate anti-aging food, Òfull of plumping collagen that lift up your wrinkles.Ó But this casual, tightly squeezed neighbourhood pub is more piglet than porky, with a focus on tiny tapas plates and ÒkushikatsuÓ (deep-fried skewers). Try the curiously addictive anchovy edamame, and chewy seared stingray fins. Both go down swell with draught Sapporo served in frozen glasses, or bottles of wine priced only $10 above retail. Ebi mayo, chicken karaage, sashimi, and other izakaya staples are all available, but the extensive daily fresh sheet is a better bet.