This ridiculously accomplished Lebanese chainlet has cornered the market on Middle Eastern cool. The Main and E. Third location does breeze-block chic with straight-from-the-’70s earth tones and a soundtrack of Persian funk. The latest spot (the old Orestes taverna) gives biggest bang: a vast Escher-like cavern of treasures with intersecting staircases and fronded open spaces across which to glimpse intriguing future companions. At all locations: lemony baba ganoush, vampire-slaying hummus, and Najib’s Special (smoky cauliflower with tahini and sea salt) mezze satisfy mains include lamb hushwie, sautéed with onions, pine nuts and spices, and served with hummus and avocado. Vegetarians and vegans will find plenty to choose from. Outrageously good, and good value. Video.Vanmag.com