Time was, Fettucini’s (yes, spelled that way) epitomized The Drive, which back in the ’80s was a moseyin’ paseo of a strip: locals wandered, their unleashed dogs in tow, friends left and right. They’d patio at Fettucini’s, where owners Eric and Allura Fergie served up neighbourhood fare: decent prices, big portions, kooky ambiance. More than 25 years later, the family-owned place has grown up, dropped the Òtucini’s,Ó and committed itself full-bore to a significant whisky program (whether they have Vancouver’s largest, as advertised, is a Talmudic debate for more patient mindsÑit’s big, and that’s good enough). The room is much more handsome, the service is neither better nor worse, and the menu is strong on Southern classics (baby back ribs in a whisky BBQ sauce are big, sassy, and sweet).