Inexpensive and bountiful old-school-Cantonese dim sum draws crowds, so expect to cool your heels before getting seated. The mouth-watering array is worth the wait. Warm shrimp dumplings nestle in delicate skin of translucent rice flour signature salted chicken stands out amongst an impressive selection of egg tarts, gyozas, gai lan, and congee. Bring cashÑat lunch, that’s all they take.The 16-page menu is slightly overwhelming, but stay focused: you’re here for the dumplings. Steaming baskets arrive at the table to deliver little bundles filled with flavourful broth and tender shrimp, pork wontons served in a surprisingly complex sour-chili sauce, and plump packages of spicy vegetables and soft egg. (Flaky fried radish cakes and chive pancakes are respectable alternatives.) The modern room makes for a great date spot, tooÑalongside the typical bring-the-whole-family-sized dim sum tables, there’s a row of cozy seats for two with a view straight into the bustling kitchen.