Surprise! This traditional chop suey house features some of the finest (and most expensive) food and wine in the city. The flavours are reminiscent of old Chinatown, but with a good dose of sophistication. It’s perhaps how Vancouver Chinese food would have evolved without all the Hong Kong influenceÑa less dogmatic approach to dishes with a freer use of sauces and vinegars. Wok-flashed tiger prawns with sweet and spicy eggplant is a must-order, as is the caramelized black vinegar pork spareribs. Don’t shy away from the delicious pork stomach soup with ginkgo nutsÑwhite pepper heat underlines the sweet broth. Owner David Jue’s wine list features trophy Bordeaux from stellar vintages, with prices to match. Service is built on friendliness and discretionÑprivate rooms with quiet sliding doors have been set aside for the heavyweight clientele.