Lolita’s was one of those treasured West End institutions that, thanks to a few ownership and management changes, became a little less treasured over time. So to put another Mexican restaurant into the same bustling narrow space is as risky as a luchador entering the ring without being properly oiled up. But there’s a twist: the “verde” in its name hints at its all-veg (and bonus: gluten-free) fare. It’s a tight menu—about a dozen options, from excellent, crispy chickpea fritters dotted with house-made queso fresco and lime crema to salty, spicy achiote cauliflower tacos topped with orange salsa and toasted pumpkin seed purée. It’s a locals vibe—which isn’t a bad thing—and cocktails (decently priced at around $10) are perfect for warming up after a seawall stroll.