Yolk’s—like Tacofino and Re-Up BBQ before it—proves that food trucks can have a second act: kitchens with a strong concept, a smart chef, good ingredients, and reasonable prices don’t need fixed plumbing to succeed, but they can settle down to solid success. The baby blue trucks delivering Steve Ewing’s (ex-Raincity Grill) ham- and portobello-heavy eggs Benny at the Chinatown SkyTrain stop and myriad farmers markets have lured fans back to HQ: the former Brave Bull steakhouse at Clark and East Hastings, where their poached-egg sandwiches and truffly hash browns are perking up a derelict corner. The decor is half repainted Bull, half faux nostalgia weekend lineups are epic and the mobile menu is complemented by endless diner coffee and specials like a rib-eye steak sandwich. In other words: this place is going nowhere fast, and we should all be thankful for that.