Chef Hong Ngyuen offers uniquely North Vietnamese dishes at this unassuming café, with flavours that are lighter and subtler than the usual pho-house fare. Crispy crab-and-pork spring rolls are lusciously stuffed with hand-picked crab and brightened with cilantro, mint, and lemon verbena. Turmeric sticky rice topped with shredded chicken, house-made paté, and crumbled mung beans is rich with texture and savour. The comforting chicken pho with shiitakes and pork meatballs is given a citrus-y lift from fine fronds of makrut lime leaves. Bun cha Hanoi is undoubtedly the star of the show: grilled pork is steeped in a bowl of sweet-and-sour vinegar spiked with fish sauce and sugar, and served with rice noodles and herbsÑa flawless balancing act of vivid flavours.