Virtually since the day it opened in 2008, Medina has been one of the most consistently busy breakfast and brunch spots in VancouverÑrepeat visitors know to expect the sight of a queue out the door. But the wait (which is always worth it) should be less frequent following the relocation to a much larger space off the lobby of L’Hermitage Hotel. The relative intimacy of the former room is gone (and with it any chance of a quiet meal), but the menu’s star attractions remain, plus some delicious additions: short-rib fricassée (or a vegetarian version with sherry roasted mushrooms), warm little Belgian waffles with addictive toppings (milk-chocolate lavender should be sold in bottles), poached eggs with spicy lamb meatballs, superb coffee. Service remains as polished as ever, and a full bar means you can now enjoy a civilized adult beverage with your midday nosh.