You’ve probably gone on a few getting-to-know-you dates with La Taqueria’s pinché tacos, but the well-rounded menu of food and drink at La Mezcaleria definitely takes things to second base. No Tex-Mex here, straight-up Mexican fare is the order of the day. Start off with casual favourites such as chunky guacamole and Pacific red snapper ceviche. Accompanying tortilla chips are hand cut and fried fresh daily, gluten-free for those watching their wheat intake. Don’t miss the queso fundido, a cheesy fondue topped with chorizo and served bubbling in a hot volcanic rock molcajete. The eponymous mezcal and its cousin tequila take centre stage on the drinks menu a Mezcal Sour is ideal for the uninitiated, with lemon, egg white, and agave to take the edge off. Success on the Drive has prompted the popular joint to open a second location in trendy Gastown.