Photo: Ariana Gillrie
This formerly sleepy residential ’hood has exploded into a foodie mecca and desirable destination. Plentiful commercial space has brought in loads of entrepreneurs with creative ideas, bringing the area from also-ran to must-visit.

Real Estate: Make Way for Glass Condo Towers

The “East Village” marketing label may not have exactly caught on, but there’s no doubt that, over the last five to 10 years, the Hastings-Sunrise area has transformed into one of the city’s hippest—and prices are reflecting it. In 2009 you could pick up a detached bungalow for under $500,000; now a family home in decent shape is worth three times that. Still, the prices remain lower than Main or Commercial, so buyers in search of bargains are showing up in droves—and there are still cheap condos north of Hastings. But the neighbourhood is also about to experience a big shift, with the entire Hastings corridor earmarked for greater density and taller buildings. “It’s always been a bit behind Commercial Drive,” says realtor Lisa MacIntosh. “But in the last five to seven years, it’s just like, ‘Wow, where did these prices come from?’”

Neighbourhood Stats

Median Age of Residents: 41
Population: 33,990
Average Monthly Rent: $931
Avg. Total Household Income: $74,368

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