How to Pronounce the Names of Your Favourite French and Italian Wines

...because you've probably been saying them wrong this whole time.

January 10, 2017

By Vancouver Magazine

French Wine Pronunciation Guide - Vancouver Magazine

French Wine Pronunciation Guide

V-OWN rahm-a-knee

Beaune: BONE

Bourgogne: BURR-goy-nyah

Moët: Moe-et (never, ever moe-ay)

Taittinger: Tat-in-jer (English) or Tay-ton-zhey (French)

Roederer: Roe-DER-er

Reims: Rahs (not reems, not rhymes). Don’t ask why.

Italian Wine Pronunciation Guide - Vancouver Magaizne

Italian Wine Pronunciation Guide


Bolgheri: Bowl-gare-ee

Ornellaia: Or-Nel-ay-uh

Gaia: Guy-uh

Valdobbiadene: Vahl-doh-bee-ah-DAY-nay


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