The Ultimate Vancouver Wine Guide: Showing Off B.C.’s Best

We asked a dozen-plus of the city's top sommeliers to share their picks with us for some very specific scenarios...including what to do if royalty comes knocking.

January 25, 2019

By Neal McLennan

The Situation

You’re working at a restaurant when your boss tells you that the owner of a famous Bordeaux chateau is coming for dinner and hears B.C.’s wine is surprisingly good. What do you serve her?

Sommeliers Say…


Similkameen Collective Consensus ($60)

One of the better Bordeaux blends in B.C.—Sam Jonnery, Gotham


Tantalus Old Vines Riesling ($31)

Riesling. The Bordelais do not love being challenged by outsiders, so I’m sidestepping the issue completely and picking this.—Kelcie Jones, Chambar


Painted Rock Cabernet Franc 2015 ($40) & Culmina Hypothesis 2014 ($46) 

Both are wonderful portrayals of Bordeaux from exceptional B.C. producers.—Colin Ross, Tuc Craft Kitchen


Osoyoos Larose “Le Grand Vin” 2007 (current release, $48)

Like a notable Bordeaux, this wine needs time and will absolutely reward your patience. It will offer that owner of a famous Bordeaux chateau a few hints of the familiar flavours and a few new notes to taste.—Jason Yamasaki, Joey


Blue Mountain Blanc de Blancs Reserve 2010 ($40)

The 2008 vintage of this wine stands out as possibly the single greatest B.C. wine I’ve tasted. Some very skilled grape-growing and winemaking go into this every year, and the patience shown in its release is a rarity in our market. Long live B.C. bub!—Kieran Fanning, Pepino’s


Carson Pinot Noir ($35)

I wouldn’t try to compete with Bordeaux by showing anything from B.C. made from Bordeaux varieties. Rather, I’d present her with a wine that showcases our unique terroir in a way that will knock her socks off: This pinot noir from the Naramata Bench is my go-to wine for show-off purposes.—Mireille Sauvé, Wine Umbrella

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