The $44 Wine Purchase That’ll Make You Look Like a Baller at Your Next Barbecue

Stroll in with a bottle of JoieFarm bubbles in each hand and everyone will say, "Who's the High Roller?"

August 10, 2017

By Neal McLennan

We’re in prime summer entertaining season, which means we’re in peak choose-the-best-wine-to-bring-to-your-next-barbecue season, too.

Here’s the thing: barbecues are lively and raucous occasions, so the key is that your bottle has got to make an impact right away otherwise it’s just getting thrown in a big ‘ol bucket full of ice to co-mingle with everything else. So don’t waste your Domaine de Chevalier. But it doesn’t mean you’re going full Sawmill Creek either.

A suggestion? Snag a bottle of JoieFarm’s Plein de Vie Rose ($19) and, while you’re at it, a bottle of their new Quotidian Brut ($25) for your spare hand. I could tell you that the wines are great—the Rose, a blast of strawberries tempered with a racy acidity; the Brut, all crispy elegance and citrus peel—and they are, but there’s more at play here.

Firstly, JoieFarm has been able to maintain a mystique over Vancouver drinkers that’s a testament to the quality of the wines and their relative scarcity. Secondly, these are new(ish) wines so most of the party-goers will be surprised they exist. Thirdly, the bottles and the labels look great. And finally, you’re bringing two bottles for the price of a mid-tier Chablis.

And the wine’s great (so don’t call me shallow). Don’t trust me? I had 20 people over for a smoky summer barbecue last Sunday, and when I was cleaning up, found two empty bottles of Plein de Vie in that big ‘ol bucket of ice water nestled beside a half-full bottle of a $66 Pol Roger—you tell me where the smart money is?

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