How to Impress the Spirit-lover on Your List

Show your commitment to quality and originality with the new Grey Goose VX, a premium spirit like no other.

December 7, 2015

By Grey Goose Vodka / Photo: Grey Goose Vodka

This holiday season, Vancouverites with a taste for distinction and defying convention can toast the festivities with the latest ultra-premium spirit from Grey Goose Vodka.

Grey Goose VX is a new spirit like no other—quality in a glass that makes a statement of appreciation of fine craftsmanship whether you’re pouring it at a holiday get-together or gifting it to those VIPs on your list.

Masterfully crafted with rich cognac

The aptly named Grey Goose VX stands for “vodka exceptionelle,” and is referred by critics as such – an exceptional vodka. The spirit is masterfully crafted with cognac grapes drawn exclusively from the Grande Champagne cru, regarded by many connoisseurs as the very finest of the six cru.

“In creating Grey Goose VX, I wanted to capture the aromatic notes of a precious cognac, bringing its delicate essence of orchard fruits, plum, apricot and the mild flavours of wild honey to the remarkable character of Grey Goose vodka,” says creator and Maître de Chai François Thibault. The result is a luxurious, warming tonic for the damp, cool days of the holiday season in Vancouver. Thibault’s passion for crafting extraordinary, memorable spirits was fostered as a cellar master in Cognac, where French craftsmanship and heritage imbued in him an appreciation of the classics, with a confidence to innovate.

The distinction of VX is apparent upon first taste—the world’s leading super premium vodka with a hint of precious cognac. The rich, subtle taste conveys a harmonious balance of white fruit blossom, honeysuckle and violet with hints of apricot and a long, lingering finish.

A classic gift of craftsmanship, with an exciting twist

Unwrapping Grey Goose VX is equally sensory—presented as it is in an exquisite decanter made from ‘extra flint’ glass, lauded globally for its exceptional quality. The bottle shape and fine detailing are inspired by prestigious French decanters, with rounded shoulders and a pronounced heavy-set stopper, while still retaining contemporary design cues from the original Grey Goose bottle.

How to best enjoy Grey Goose VX

The perfect before- or after-dinner drink. VX has been crafted to serve neat or on the rocks.



2 parts Grey Goose VX


In a Cognac glass/brandy balloon add 1-2 cubes of ice and pour in Grey Goose VX. Swirl the glass a number of times to chill the liquid and serve.

A twist on the usual celebratory champagne toast. For holiday parties, including New Year’s, of course.



2 parts Grey Goose VX
1/2 part Benedictine
1 dash of lemon bitters
Top up with a large splash of Champagne (4 parts)


Build in a Cognac glass with cubed ice, stir and garnish with one white grape on a Grey Goose pick.

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