Where to find Sorachi Ace

Not many beers can satisfy the beer nerds and claim to be easy-drinking. But, with this hop, these beers do.

October 12, 2016

By Neal McLennan

What is Sorachi Ace?

It’s a strain of hop developed in Japan by Sapporo in the 1970s and popularized in North America by Brooklyn Brewery a few years back.

Why do I care?

Because its unique characteristics of lemon and dill make it both very complex and relatively easy-drinking, so it’s an quick path to beer-nerd street cred. And it can work with a wide variety of beer styles.

Where do I find it?

In the aforementioned Brooklyn saison, but also locally in Central City’s Ace of Hokkaido Golden Ale, Main Street’s Belgian Bonsai and Parallel 49’s Crane Kick Pilsner.

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