Warning: Our Favourite Seasonal Drink is a Bit of a Fire Hazard

The Cascade Room's Blue Blazer is hot, hot, hot!

December 13, 2017

By Vancouver Magazine / Photo: Clinton Hussey / Food Styling: Lawren Monetta

It seems everyone is a mixologist these days. But to separate the real pros from those who blather on about “Pappy,” we suggest the addition of one thing: fire. No one has ever said that the Blue Blazer is a transformative cocktail—it’s just Scotch, water, sugar and lemon—but the process, well, there’s the thing. The process involves setting high-proof whisky (Abelour’s A’bunadh is readily available) alight and slowly (or not so slowly) pouring it several times between two tankards (steel mugs that are both seldom used and the sign of a great bar). And trying not to set your hands on fire. It’s not a drink that appears on many menus—it’s time-consuming and probably a liability issue—but my guess is that if you sidle up to, say, a pro like Justin Taylor at the Cascade Room and make a polite request, the results will be…illuminating.

The Cascade Room

2616 Main Street


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