Buy Whisky, Make Money

Glenmorangie is dropping its latest limited edition and it may be the time to buy in early.

June 19, 2018

Glenmorangie Spios $150

I was recently at a bar in rural Scotland and on an otherwise nondescript whisky list there it was: Glenmorangie PX Sonnalta, priced the same as every other whisky (spoiler alert—it was an old menu and when I went to order it they were—surprise—sold out). Ten years ago, this was the first release of the company’s Private Collection and it’s since become legendary (and legendarily expensive, as it, like all the Private Collection releases, is a one-time only creation. Bottles trading online these start at about $650 and that’s if you can find them).

My gut tells me that this year’s PC release—Spios, available here as of June 18—will be equally sought after a decade from now. It’s matured (not finished—and that’s a huge difference) in rye casks, and there’s a pronounced interplay between heavy spice and more apple-y and herbal notes. Half-brute, half-sweetheart and it will really appeal to those drinkers who like their whisky to pack a (refined) wallop. Get it while you can (and drink it, don’t horde it for profit).

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