The Sip: Strathcona’s Head Banger Will Smash You

A punch to the taste buds and you’re drunk and in love.

November 22, 2018

By Nathan Caddell

If you’re going to name your beer something other than what it technically is, you better get it right. After all, it’s a lot simpler to call your beer a dark chocolate porter or a raspberry radler than it is to slap a memorable and non-corny moniker on a batch.

Some places get it right though, and when they do, you don’t even need the brewery’s name to know what concoction someone’s referring to. I’m thinking of brews like Jerkface and Darkness.

Strathcona Beer Company’s Head Banger Triple IPA is in the same vein as those classics, as it combines memorable taste with a catchy name.

head banger

And while it likely won’t be around for long enough to enter the average Vancouver drinker’s lexicon (it’s a limited release to celebrate Strathcona’s two-year anniversary), it’s hard to forget its impact once you’ve taken a sip.

Available in four packs at select stores right now (and Strathcona’s bricks-and-mortar shop), you likely won’t need more than two of these to get your buzz on.

Absolutely packed with hops, the Head Banger boasts a shocking 10.4 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) that you won’t necessarily realize until you’re halfway through it and start to get a little giddy.

That’s because, for a triple IPA, it’s incredibly smooth. Oh, you’ll definitely get a healthy dose of hops with each mouthful (the Mosaic and Citra varietals are the most present), but you’ll also get a blast of fruit that makes it go down easy.

Flavours of passionfruit and raspberry (and citrus—lots and lots of citrus) finish this monster, and the extra percentage points may even save you a beer-full of carbs or two. 

Going for a pre-drink? Take a couple. A night in with a group of friends? Take four knowing you’ll leave the last one behind. Need something to shotgun? Actually, nevermind, grab a Budweiser or something.

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