The Sip: Strathcona’s Fall Radler Radiates Autumnal Vibes

Tasty, but with enough bite to remind you it’s not juice.

October 25, 2018

By Nathan Caddell / Photo: Brewery Creek

The rainy forecast we’re scheduled to see this weekend brings one piece of good news: It’s time for a new season of beer.

It’s no longer acceptable to be seen with that pack of 33 Acres of Sunshine, or those hefeweizens you’ve been cracking all summer. Don’t worry; you’ll reacquaint yourself with them again in June.

But while we can’t wait to see what kind of creative stouts and porters Vancouver breweries are rolling out for the fall and winter months, we have stumbled upon something that might keep those summer beer aficionados happy through autumn.

Strathcona Beer Company has made a habit of developing different radlers according to the season, as evidenced by their excellent winter edition (citra hops blended with cranberry and mandarin juice) and a summer varietal (a lemon and mandarin combo) that, while great in small doses, was a touch too sweet for more than two drinks at a time.


With “The Fall”, the brewery has gone back to the well, and it’s a successful effort. The autumnal entry is a tasty one, but it still has enough kick so that you’re not slamming back a can of juice that just happens to have minimalist branding.

The East Vancouver staple’s newest addition is tart, to be sure, with its blend of lemon, blood orange and apricot hitting the palette nicely. The blood orange element is the strongest, and works well to set the tone for a fruity blend. But it also has more of a sharp aftertaste to it than its radler predecessors, meaning you shouldn’t get too tired of it after one can.

It’s the perfect brew to crush while watching the leaves fall. Or, you know, to pour into the coffee mug while taking the kids out for Halloween. And, like the rest of Strathcona’s radlers, this baby is four percent alcohol, so you won’t get too trashed on the candy trail.

Available at Brewery Creek Liquor Store and Strathcona Brewery

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