The Sip: Spectrum’s White Chocolate Stout is Here to Win the Holidays

Stouts aren’t supposed to taste like this, but who cares?

November 13, 2018

By Nathan Caddell / Photo: Spectrum Beer Company

There are many people in the world who dislike white chocolate. Who these people are and whatever steered them in such an unfortunate direction, I’m not so sure.

In my books, all chocolate is wonderful, and that goes for the white variety, which remains incredibly underused as far as desserts go. 

And, when the weather starts turning, there’s nothing I love more than picking up a couple thick, flavourful beers for the holidays. (I’m still waiting for that perfect Eggnog Porter to come crashing into our world. Take note, Vancouver brewers.)

While that usually means a concoction high on alcohol percentage and heavy on the stomach, Spectrum Beer Company (owned by Craft Collective Beerworks, which just added Postmark to its collection) hits the sweet spot just right with its White Chocolate Stout.

White Chocolate Stout

Purists might not be big fans of the brew, as it seems to betray two of the long-held beliefs about stouts—those being that a stout should be of a dark colour, and that you shouldn’t be able to drink more than two in one sitting.

But Spectrum doesn’t really seem to care what purists think. The company’s mantra, after all, is “beer for people who think they hate beer.” I’ll be honest, the Hot Pink Lemonade Sour from Spectrum remains a bit of a misfire (if you’re going that route, why not fully go for it with an overly sweet brew, instead of a beer that vaguely tastes like raspberry?), which is why it’s great to see the company embrace the sweetness any chocolate stout needs.

So yes, the White Chocolate Stout won’t be for everyone, because I suppose it’s not for people who don’t enjoy awesome blends of cocoa and vanilla with alcohol.

But the best part of it? It’s sessionable—you won’t get sick of the stuff after two or three (or four or five) while listening to your relatives talk about B.C.’s electoral referendum or how Aunt Susan is terribly worried about your cousin Stu’s new gig selling pot for the government.

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