The Sip: Persephone Brewing’s Pink Guava Sour is a Perfect Valentine’s Day Potion

The Gibsons brewery embraces the power of sours.

February 11, 2019

By Nathan Caddell / Photo: Brewery Creek Liquor Store

Mostly known for brews like its Goddess Golden Ale and Pale Ale—fresh, crisp beers that are perfect for combing through the brewery’s Gibsons’ farm—Persephone Brewing has jumped into the world of fruity sours with a bang.

The Pink Guava Sour’s name alone is sure to turn heads at local breweries and in select stores. But the first in Persephone’s upcoming “sour series” lives up to its name. It’s sweet, for sure, but not overly so. And unlike many fruit-centred beers, this one actually tastes like guava. It makes for a refreshing, fun-to-drink sour that works on a few levels.

Persephone Brewing

Is it an odd release for this time of year? Maybe. Sours aren’t usually the perfect combination with wintery weather. But it also works quite well with Valentine’s Day. Might as well embrace the sweetness and just go for it. I’m not sure there’s a beer-drinker in my life who wouldn’t want to at least try it, so might as well take the brownie points with your significant other while you can.

It’s also another reminder that Persephone is the coolest brewery in the province. Of course, if you want to save that trip for the summer, there’s always its accompanying store, the Snug, at 43 West Hastings Street.

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