9 Bubble Tea Hotspots in Vancouver

There's regular tea and there's bubble tea.

July 5, 2018

By Sam Nar / Photo: Jisu Han

Let’s face it: Vancouver’s bubble tea scene is legendary. There’s no shortage of choice to enjoy this tasty beverage, but with endless options it can be hard to know where to begin. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourites bubble tea spots in the city just for you.

1. Bubble Bear Cafe

Bubble Bear Cafe boasts charming cups (complete with an Instagram-worthy cartoon bear) and high-quality ingredients. Featuring an easy-to-order iPad system, Bubble Bear Cafe is best known for their Milky Tea series, which combines the light, sugary goodness of milk tea with your choice of toppings. Don’t know which flavour to start with? You can’t go wrong with their traditional milk tea and boba pearls.

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2. Boba Boy

This trendy bubble tea shop is known for its adorable packaging. Offering fresh milk teas and handcrafted tapioca, choose from a wide selection of flavours, from Red Bean Matcha, (matcha and red bean in a classic milk tea) and the extra-tasty Oreo Coco Smoothie (Oreo pieces blended with chocolate and milk).

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3. CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

The world’s largest bubble tea chain now has over 2000 stores worldwide—with five being in Vancouver. Explore their vast selection of gourmet juice and tea options, like the Fresh Kiwi Ice Crystal (kiwi granita topped with real kiwi pieces) and the colourful 3-Gems bubble tea (made with pudding, chewy tapioca and soft grass jelly soaked in traditional milk tea).

Fresh Strawberries in every cup 🍓🍓🍓 #StrawberryAuLait Photo by @cfooodie

4. Comebuy

Originating from Taiwan, Comebuy features freshly brewed tea from around the world. It also offers the classics, like the Hong Kong-style milk tea and traditional oolong green. Don’t forget to try their exclusives, from the QQ Milk Tea (black pearls and vermicelli jelly blended in light milk tea) to the aptly named Passion Fruit Mango Fizzy, a light, carbonated combination of fruit juices sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Legs. You got this! 😂😂 Lychee delight/Neptune tea/rose drink w/ basil seeds

6. Passion Tearoom

The Passion Tearoom offers plenty of bubble tea favourites. Be sure to try the Strawberry Colada (fresh strawberries and coconut blended with ice cream and milk) and the signature Pink Lychee (jasmine green tea, strawberry, raspberry and lychee juice). Alternatively, this cafe also offers a DIY option if you’re feeling extra creative.

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7. Sencha Tea Lounge

The masterminds behind the glow-in-the-dark smoking mocktails at the Richmond night market are none other than the employees of Sencha Tea Lounge. Sencha’s teas combine traditional Asian flavours like milk and green tea with modern twists to create one-of-a-kind options. Feeling extra indulgent? Don’t miss their specialty slush, the Sour Apple Frozen (a mix of apple, lime and lemon juice blended with ice).

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8. ShareTea

Known for its unique, bitter-yet-sweet taste, the ShareTea franchise also offers ice-blended drinks perfect for hot summer months. Choose from the Hawaii Fruit Tea (black tea combined with passion fruit, mangos, apples, oranges and ai-yu jelly), Wintermelon Tea, Hokkaido Pearl Milk Tea and a sorbet-esque Strawberry Ice.

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9. The Bubble Tea Shop

Calling all Instagram foodies: Ever wish you could try more than one flavour? The charm of this bubble tea hotspot are the Insta-famous duo cups, allowing indecisive visitors to enjoy two flavours at a time.

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