Weed Coast: The Great Gummi Candy Experiment

"These edibles are perfect for someone who requires discretion or can’t find a smoke-friendly zone to medicate."

December 27, 2017

By Piper Courtenay / Photo: Sylvanus Urban/Unsplash

“I hope you’re not smoking too much,” says my Oma over lunch at the Sylvia Hotel last week.

My Oma, a spry 90-year-old German woman, has turned out to be one of the most shocking sources of inspiration when it comes to writing about weed. When told the oldest child of her youngest son was reviewing pot, she, without so much as twitch of judgement, offered her congratulations. She regularly keeps up with my column, discusses my writing and brings me literature from her doctor’s office on the benefits of medical marijuana. So, when my Oma voiced her concerns about the method in which I ingest cannabis, I realized there is a large group of people that are either wary of smoking or simply don’t like it.

Many people, including my mother, have echoed similar concerns. In fact, yes, I do smoke 90 per cent of the time—either through a bong, joint or pipe. Other methods of cannabis consumption, like edibles or oils, however, are becoming an increasingly salient topic for many new cannabis consumers. 

In the spirit of diversification, today’s column will be reviewing a popular edible: gummies! A tried-and-true sweet tooth myself, I popped into Weeds on Richards Street just to see what kind of selection someone who can’t (or won’t) light up would be provided with. I discovered Twisted Extracts.

They come in the shape of an eight-stud lego brick which makes dosing simple—one raised stud is equivalent to the standard 10 mg of THC (80 mg total). In a variety of Wonka-like flavours, consumers can choose between an indica (Zzz Bombs) and what I assume to be a sativa-heavy hybrid (Jelly Bombs). I decided, in the spirit of research, to try one of each. When it came to the Zzz Bombs, I had the choice between black cherry and blue raspberry, whereas Jelly Bombs offered more variety including green apple, mango, pineapple, orange and cherry. I settled on blue raspberry and cherry.

They come in resealable black plastic bags, small enough to fit in a wallet. Virtually no odour penetrates the seal until broken, and even when cracked open the smell is more so of a very sweet candy. The cannabis is virtually undetectable to the nose. As far as flavour goes, they both are pretty yummy. You can definitely detect a bitter trace of weed in the aftertaste, but it is not off-putting—it simply reminds you that you’re consuming something that is about to get you high. To ingest, you cut your desired amount and either chew or suck on the gummy until it’s dissolved. I wouldn’t recommend swallowing it whole or consuming after a meal because both will prolong an already lengthy THC-delivery process.

You can definitely detect a bitter trace of weed in the aftertaste, but it is not off-putting—it simply reminds you that you’re consuming something that is about to get you high.

These edibles are perfect for someone who requires discretion or can’t find a smoke-friendly zone to medicate. I tried my first cherry-flavoured Jelly Bomb at a bus stop on Granville Street and no one was the wiser. The high took about an hour to take affect, and I was left with a very soft body high accompanied by a strong head buzz. While functional, it is a fully immersive high, so if you’re using these during the work day or a social function in which you need to appear “unmedicated,” I would suggest finding something more subtle. I made an effort to time the experience, but was shocked when the waves in which one normally experiences a high (the build-up, the peak, the plateau and the comedown) were extremely prolonged. The entire high I experienced with the sativa-hybrid gummy lasted more than five hours overall, and I was still feeling effects into the evening.

The blue raspberry Zzz Bomb is amazing when used as a sleep aid. I took my first dose an hour and a half before bed and it began as a comfortable, soft body high. It’s lulls you into a coma-like relaxation, so having some background music or a show that you’re not too invested in helps keep you stimulated but not overwhelmed. I used this again the next night and tried to resist the urge to sleep which resulted in a very uncomfortable physical strain, so I would suggest only using this when you’re fully committed to hitting the hay.

Overall, these gummies are incredible for anyone looking for a sustainable high and a discreet consumption method. My concerns, however, with these edibles are two-fold. First, they smell and taste delicious, making them a target for children. Despite sporting a pot leaf and a warning label on the package, you should keep these well out of reach and safely stowed away. Secondly, Twisted Extracts doesn’t indicate what kind of strain or the levels of THC/CBD you’re consuming. To avoid taking too much, start with one 10 mg dose and work your way up after an hour or more, so the full effects can take hold. I have continued to use these as a substitute for smoking, but would caution anyone looking for a short, immediate high to look elsewhere. They have an incredibly slow onset and a long duration making this method of consumption a serious commitment to being stoned.

Jelly Bomb (Cherry) and Zzz Bomb (Blue Raspberry)

$12/80 mg. Weeds. 1108 Richards St

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