Weed Coast: Thoughtful, Cannabis-Infused Ways to Show Mom Some Love

Give mom what she really wants: soothing bath salts, olive oils and sleep-inducing strains.

May 4, 2018

By Sujinder Juneja / Photo: Lisa Verena Pape, Unsplash

Yes, yes, I completely agree. Moms need be celebrated every single day–and not just with a watered-down mimosa from the crowded buffet you take her to every second Sunday in May. Hands down, mothers have the hardest (and greatest) job in the world and are worthy of much more than microwaved eggs and overcooked, under-seasoned potatoes. Beyond our undying love, respect and devotion, every mother requires a moment to stop and catch her breath, even for half a day, so that she can return to her family rested and refreshed.

Sure, you may be jaded and cynical about the over-commercialism of a “greeting card holiday” such as Mother’s Day, but don’t let it spoil a chance for you to go all-out for the one that gave you the greatest gift of all.

Following an informal poll of local moms, it was revealed that what every hardworking mother wants for Mother’s Day is: a day at the spa and a delicious meal with family and friends, capped off by a long, peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Thankfully, Vancouver is currently boasting an unprecedented selection of cannabis-related goodies, which might make for the best Mother’s Day ever. Here are three thoughtful gift ideas for any budget that will keep you in Mom’s good books—at least until next year.

The olive oil is beautiful on its own, with subtle aromas of white almond and citrus, finishing clean and lightly-grassy on the palate.

If you haven’t visited one lately, I’ll let you in on a little secret: a common sound in today’s spas is the absolute lack of screaming kids. No demanding. No whining. No crying. It’s not home, it’s the spa. A great start to her day (following breakfast in bed, of course) would be to take the kids out for a few hours and set up her very own spa experience, from the comfort of home. I was thrilled to recently discover a line of THC-infused Bath Soak and Scrub bath salts from Vancouver/Squamish-based Cannalife Botanicals. There are five flavours to choose from; I selected “Uplift” for its come-hither aromas of pink grapefruit, sage, bergamot and black pepper. Its all-natural ingredient list also includes Epsom, Dead Sea and Himalayan Pink salts, blended with CO2-extracted Cannabis oil and other essential oils. One quarter cup added to a hot bath, plus an extra handful for exfoliation is all it takes to leave her skin soft, smooth and smelling fantastic, ready for the next phase in the Mother’s Day celebration.

A night out at a restaurant can be amazing, but a home-cooked meal, made with love, will almost always be more satisfying. A favourite dish for a certain special mom in my life is a hearty and creamy vegan risotto made with cashew cream, white wine and shiitake bacon. For your own special lady, you might finish it with a drizzle of infused olive oil courtesy of the charming hedonists at Vancouver’s Farm and Florist infusions. It includes just two ingredients: 100-percent organic extra virgin olive oil and high-quality THC distillate. The olive oil is beautiful on its own, with subtle aromas of white almond and citrus, finishing clean and lightly-grassy on the palate. It went perfectly on the risotto, as well as on the accompanying arugula salad, accenting the bitter and peppery notes of the crisp greens. But go easy: start with one teaspoon of olive oil per person and wait at least two hours before using more. Delicious and decadent indeed.

With smooth, sugary and minty smoke flavours, it offered an elevated feeling of light-headed joy

For the final gift in the Mother’s Day trifecta, I have a good feeling that the otherwise unfortunately-named Death Bubba will deliver the nice, long nap Mom is looking for. Death Bubba is a local legend, a coma-inducing indica born as a cross between Death Star and Bubba Kush. Forcing a tight and sticky chunk into the grinder, it released pungent and slightly sour aromatics that reminded me of dried orange peel and just-turned-over compost. But with smooth, sugary and minty smoke flavours, it offered an elevated feeling of light-headed joy that may linger for about 30 minutes before wrapping you in a warm cocoon of slumber. All that’s left is to turn down the sheets and tuck Mom in for a well-deserved rest.

She’ll love her gifts so much that you’ll be forgiven for finishing the risotto.

The breakdown: Cannalife Botanicals “Uplift” Bath Soak and Scrub ($12/4oz); Farm and Florist Infused Olive Oil ($45/200ml); Death Bubba, Indica ($9/gram). Aura Cannabis, 1316 Kingsway.


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