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Fight the signs of aging this winter with a dermal filler from Merz

October 9, 2015

By Merz Aesthetics / Photo: Merz Aesthetics

As the weather turns this season it’s hard to ignore the effects of Father Time and Mother Nature. Harsher winter winds and less sunshine start to make us look and feel tired. The good news is that though time and nature remain impossible to tame, revitalized skin is no longer beyond your control. Merz Aesthetics introduces two dermal fillers that will leave your complexion looking naturally lifted and healthy no matter what gets thrown your way this winter.

First up is RADIESSE®, a popular choice that stimulates your body’s natural collagen production while adding volume to the skin. Over time your body will absorb the filler, but your own collagen is there to stay, meaning you no longer need to resign yourself to deep wrinkles and aging hands.

Next is BELOTERO®, a range of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers that replenish the hyaluronic acid your body loses throughout the aging process. These fillers will enhance your skin’s hydration while lifting and filling mild to deep lines, giving you a youthful volume immune to the harsh elements and the harsh hands of time. Designed to integrate evenly into your skin, these dermal fillers deliver the natural look you’re after.

With Merz Aesthetics, winter skin never looked so good.

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