Edgemont Village

The small tight-knit neighbourhood at the foot of  Grouse Mountain

January 7, 2011

By Pat Richardson

The three brief blocks that make up so-called Edgemont Village are a nexus for some 3,000 souls who cluster at the foot of Grouse Mountain. There, in what’s known as the Highlands, a drama of distinctly domestic proportions unfolds. Elderly gentlemen laugh into each other’s hearing aids and eat bowls of excellent pasta at Edge Bistro. Urbane mountain moms shop at the two indie bookshops on hand; and a few teenagers (somehow stranded-looking on that mountainside, away from all decent things like movie theatres and clubs) make lattes at Delany’s Coffee House. A full dozen of the local shops have “Edgemont” in their names, which speaks to a certain neighbourhood pride that comes with being part of the hinterland-ish District of North Vancouver (as opposed to rapidly densifying City of North Vancouver). The area’s ranchers and Tudor revivals likely house some iteration of the Cleavers (a mere 13.5% of properties are rentals). It’s a subtle sort of neighbourhood, nature being the only thing that looms, snowy and forested, overhead.—Pat Richardson


Lesley, Hudson & Trevor Baker (Sales Manager)


The Realtor Brooke Clarke of Team Clarke.

The Search The couple concentrated their house hunt in areas that were quieter than their South Granville hood but not so quiet as to ostracize them from the joys of city life. Edgemont Village seemed like the perfect middle ground, a North Vancouver neighbourhood within easy distance of the mountains, hiking trails, and urbanity. It took three years of searching, but when they found it they instantly knew this house was “the one.”

The Home An updated 1955 bungalow, five minutes from the village by foot. “We wanted somewhere that still had room to improve,” says Trevor. The place is two levels, 2,200 square feet, with four bedrooms, renovated bathrooms, and a spacious basement for the kids. “There’s a secret spot under the stairs where Hudson hides.” In the front yard, cedar trees frame the sunny property.

The Neighbourhood The Bakers are regulars at Delany’s Coffee House and Mosquito Creek Park, where their toddler plays. The village has expanded since its 1930s beginnings but a certain pre-war vibe remains; shop owners know their customers by name.—Mish Way

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