4 Great Coffee Shops to Get Some Work Done

Some casual caffeination stops for freelancers who need a reason to actually leave the house.

November 15, 2016

By Andrea Garza

It’s no secret that Vancouverites love coffee. Portland is often cited as an iconic coffee capital, but its northern neighbour might just be giving it a run for its money. Vancouver was ranked the third best city in the world for coffee lovers (right after Sacramento and Manila) and it’s hard to walk three blocks without passing a great café in the city.

It’s also no secret that coffee shops aren’t just a place to get coffee: they’re the workspace of choice for freelancers, students and hopeful screenwriters alike. Here are four places to settle in and meet that deadline:


For late night, last-minute crunches


Calhoun’s has been around since 1994 and tends to be popular with the university crowd due to its 24-hour-a-day schedule. Except during peak hours, it’s easy to find a seat – and the power outlets are plentiful, too. This is the place to be if you’ve left a project a little (read: a lot) late and need a good supply of coffee to keep you working into the night…or a beer. 3035 W Broadway.

49th Parallel

For a cozy, relaxed environment


Both the Main Street and 4th Avenue locations of 49th Parallel are spacious and accommodating for a few hours of dedicated laptop-work. But let’s get real: the appeal here is the donut selection. So even if you don’t actually have real work to do, digging into that novel you’ve been putting off is an excellent excuse to settle in for the long-haul. 2902 Main; 2198 West 4th.

Platform 7

For quick catch-ups


Brewing Stumptown coffee, Portland’s favourite roaster, Platform 7 serves pour-overs, French presses, cold brews, and more. Their locations have two-person tables and window seats, as well as large communal booths, so it’s a good home base for collaborations. The only downside: it’s both small and popular. Get there early. 2300 W Broadway2331 E Hastings.


For a trendy, creative vibe

While Revolver itself is on the small side , it has a separate dedicated room for spillover seating (and sales of coffee paraphernalia) called the Archive, making it the ideal spot for writers – freelancers and hobbyists alike – who like their surroundings artsy. 325 Cambie St.

Where’s your favourite coffee shop to work in? Let us know in the comments!

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