Our 5 least popular stories in 2015

Hey, not every hit can be a homer

December 23, 2015

By Jenni Elliott


1. Christine Sinclair on leading Team Canada

There is no ‘off-season’ for this Burnaby striker.



2. Let’s talk community on Canadian Multiculturalism Day

A Vancouver Foundation survey uncovers urban alienation. It’s not a uniquely local problem, but it begs uniquely local solutions.



3. The future of video game studios 

Several Vancouver video game studios have shut their doors, but a new breed is thriving.



4. Getaway: Santa Barbara

You don’t have to be a celebrity to visit these balmy destinations, but you may come home feeling like one.



5. A Vancouverite’s quest for earth-friendly plastics

“I believe we have the potential to build a billion-dollar company here in B.C.”

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